My Friends Blogs and Sites

Hi everyone I have decided to share with you some of my friends blogs, these are friends of mine and supporters
of  my blog but all so blogs and sites that I like and find interesting they are what I call legitimate blogs and sites and I hope you will take the time to check them out and pass on your comments to me have fun.

My first blog is from Steve the lucky beggar living it up in Thailand and passing on his findings and sharing it all with us,check it out.

O.k. now for my second site this is a very special site to me for reasons I may explain at some time,At the moment this site has had some problems, it did become very popular with over 1.5 million hits per month in its first year,but then was attacked by malicious hackers and due to this the main site is being rebuilt but a active forum is still operating. This site is a general review site and gives some excellent unbiased unpaid genuine reviews on Movies,Games,Books,Art and just about anything really.
All headed up by some one close to me Neamento please take a minute to register no obligations, but for security it is the only way to read the excellent reviews while the site is being rebuilt.

Like chocolate, we all need a little humor to bite into. Warning: this site is heavy in saturated fun!

How Not(!) to be Mee will keep you laughing everyday! An inspirationally stupid blog you'll want to share with anyone who simply needs a laugh in their day.

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