Video Chocolate tutorials

I know these videos are not my own yet but i have only been blogging for about 3 week but eventually I will produce my own video's but in the mean time I hope you will enjoy these they are some of the recipes I have tried and tested and I feel will be really helpful to the novices after all we're not all foodies or experts.

I am really pleased with this recipe it is delicious and not only that it is suitable for people who can not tolerate flour or wheat give it a go .

Now for second video I am sure this will be really helpful to allot of people especially all you house husbands trying to score I  mean brownie points don't get to carried away we are a family orientated site.

I hope all you house husbands will be giving this a go and don't forget its nearly valentines day so why not purchase a heart shaped baking tin tin and surprise your partner.

And now for a really fast tasty chocolate mousse that anyone can make, this will help you understand the basics of making a mousse quick style anyway we can all ways expand later on.

O.K. thanks for that Nigella.

Moving on from that to a recipe that everyone should have in their repetoir its simple quick delicious and a favourite with everyone young and old .This recipe can make sixty 2" portions.

Now for that treat and something you thought yo would never do  Make your own ice cream once you try it you will never go back create your own flavours and textures.


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